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Laura Jeanne Reese Witherspoon
1 70140? New Orleans, LA

Witherspoon, John44 ? Gifford, East Lothian, Scotland, GB1723(02/05) - 1794(11/15)
Phillippi, Charles Louis1 24368 Rural Retreat, VA1872(05/23) - 1952(03/30)
?, Ava(Husband's Grandmother)
Phillippe, Richard(HF)
Phillippe, Susan(HM)
Witherspoon, John D.(F)
Witherspoon, Betty Reese(M)
Phillippe, Kirsten
Phillippe, Lindsay
Phillippe, Katelyn
Witherspoon, John D.(P1)1 70821? Baton Rouge, LA1973
Phillippe, Matthew Ryan(H)1 19720? New Castle, DE1974(09/10) - 1999(06/05) -
Witherspoon, Laura Jean Reese1 70140? New Orleans, LA1976(03/22) - 1999(06/05) -
Phillippe, Ava Elizabeth(1)1999(09/09)
Phillippe, Deacon(2)2003(10/23)


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